Drew Meyer, The "Go To Guy" for Injured Patients

Attorney Andrew Meyer Profiled in Huffington Post

In a profile published in The Huffington Post, Andrew C. Meyer Jr. is described as "the go to guy for families in MA, NH, and RI, who are dealing with the devastating consequences of medical malpractice." The article includes highlights of Meyer's long career representing victims of medical mistakes and unique experience working with the complicated emotions that result when a patient has been harmed by a trusted doctor or institution.

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Medical Malpractice Attorney - Andrew C. Meyer Jr.

In the article Meyer talks about trust as a common issue among those who have been injured.
"He says that the reason they come through his doors at Lubin & Meyer PC is because they put their trust in the hands of a highly qualified professional; their doctor, nurse, midwife, physician’s assistant, psychiatrist, dentist, or other medical professional, and they were ultimately harmed by that person. He says that his first order of business is sitting with a client to listen intently in order to fully understand their plight and his second order of business is to answer the question that every client is thinking, but usually unwilling to express, 'Why should I trust you?'"
According to Meyer, clients can feel "angry, embarrassed, and guilty for what happened, often blaming themselves for not having known the possible outcome of a particular medical procedure."

Meyer works to help the injured begin to understand they are not the only family that has suffered horrible losses, and that "they are not at fault for the tragedy which has brought them all together." By pursing the long affair of a medical malpractice lawsuit, the injured and their families become "warriors and whistle blowers who are willing to step forward to share their story" to affect change in the system.
"Very rarely are his clients embarking upon the very long road to justice for the money. He says that sometimes the money is absolutely necessary to provide care for someone who will need lifetime assistance due to malpractice, such as the $30 million settlement for a child who was born with major birth defects due to the egregious negligence of an entire medical team. But more often than not, the monetary award is necessary to force change within the medical community."
The article states that Meyer is known for negotiating settlements that call for more than just money. "In most cases, they negotiate for major changes in systems and procedures at hospitals and medical practices. He says that there are countless system defects within the industry and, in most instances, the patients at these medical facilities have no idea."

You can read the full article on The Huffington Post at this link: Drew Meyer profile.

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