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Lubin & Meyer PC has published three trial reports on recent medical malpractice settlements in New Hampshire. All cases involved a delay in diagnosis and treatment of a serious medical condition while in hospital care. Nicholas Cappiello was the lead attorney in these recent New Hampshire lawsuits.

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$4.25 Million Settlement
Delay in Diagnosis of Cancer - A New Hampshire man's soft tissue sarcoma went undiagnosed by primary care physician for years — spreads to lungs, liver, pancreas and brain. A delay in the diagnosis of cancer can have a profound impact on a patient's prognosis.

$1.2 Million Settlement
Delay in Treatment of Cauda Equina Syndrome - A 28-year-old woman suffered a delay in the diagnosis and treatment of cauda equina syndrome, resulting in permanent foot drop and bowel and bladder dysfunction. There has been an increase in the number of cauda equina lawsuits. You can learn more about cauda equina on our Patient Safety Blog at: Cauda Equina: A Dangerous Outcome When Patient Complaints Are Not Taken Seriously.

$1 Million Settlement 
Delay in Diagnosis of Compartment Syndrome - A 47-year-old man developed compartment syndrome and permanent foot drop following a heart valve repair surgery.
"Compartment syndrome occurs when excessive pressure builds up inside an enclosed muscle space in the body. Compartment syndrome usually results from bleeding or swelling after an injury [or surgery]." — WebMD
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