Delay in Diagnosis of Cancer Lawsuits: Recent Trial Reports

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Cancer Diagnostic Errors Lead to Medical Malpractice Claims

As mentioned in our recent Patient Safety Blog post, cancer diagnosis delays are unfortunately too common in our healthcare system. Lubin & Meyer's attorneys have tried many cases of cancer diagnostic errors over the years. We archive many of the trial reports of our verdicts and settlements that provide a wealth of details of such cases.

On our main website, you can search our Verdicts and Settlements Archive by type of medical injury, or view a listing of our medical malpractice cases involving cancer. (Please note, this is not a complete listing.)

Last month we added three new trial reports to our website — all cancer diagnosis related. They are:

$6.8 Million Judgment: Kidney Cancer Diagnosis Delay
This lawsuit claimed that a urine sample showing blood in the urine required referral to a urologist, which would have resulted in a proper workup that would have diagnosed the decedent’s cancer at an earlier stage.

$1.5 Million Settlement: Delay in Diagnosis of Lung Cancer
Medical malpractice action claims PCP’s failure to address cough and order chest x-ray leads to delay in lung cancer diagnosis.

$2.5 Million Settlement: Failure to Diagnose Cancer in Appendix
This lawsuit claims the pathologist who evaluated appendix after removal was negligent in failing to identify the cancer and note it in her report.

Was your cancer misdiagnosed?

If you have questions about a possible medical malpractice lawsuit related to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, please do not hesitate to call our cancer lawyers. We represent patients in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

We offer a free case review of your experience to determine if you received inappropriate care that caused you permanent harm. There is no cost to evaluate your potential claim.

For more information on how medical malpractice is determined in cancer cases, visit our cancer diagnosis delay information page.

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