"Failure To Monitor Coumadin" Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of New Hampshire Woman

Lawsuit alleges: Elective toe surgery ends in stroke death when patient's blood thinning medication is not properly managed.

Lubin & Meyer recently filed a NH medical malpractice lawsuit involving a 70-year-old woman who passed away after suffering a massive stroke when, as the lawsuit claims, her healthcare providers failed to properly manage her Coumadin levels (blood thinning medication) when she underwent an elective toe surgery.

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Attorney Nicholas Cappiello, who represents the claimant in this lawsuit, said that Coumadin dosing errors are a significant problem in healthcare. "It is a major safety issue for patients because Coumadin can be a dangerous drug if not properly monitored — when healthcare providers do not take the time to pay attention to their patients then the results can be catastrophic for the patient."

Coumadin Lawsuits

Coumadin is a drug with tremendous benefits when properly monitored and administered, but it can kill a patient when not given in the proper amounts, according to Cappiello.
"Hospitals and healthcare providers have an obligation to closely monitor patients on Coumadin, but far too often we see that they are inattentive to their patients, and the consequences are devastating." 
This lawsuit claims that the patient's cardiologist and his nursing staff failed to administer the proper blood thinning medication before her surgery and then failed to adjust her Coumadin after surgery when her lab tests showed that her blood was too thick, which put her at a significantly heightened risk for suffering a stroke.

Because they did not administer the proper dose of blood thinning medication, according to the lawsuit, the patient’s blood was allowed to clot and she ultimately suffered a massive stroke and died.

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