Six Ways To Help Prevent Hospital Infections

As a follow up to our previous post on NH hospital infection data, we wanted to share these six tips from the CDC on protecting yourself as a patient from healthcare-associated infection.

1. Speak up. Talk to your doctor about all questions or worries you have. Ask them what they are doing to protect you. If you have a catheter, ask each day if it is necessary.

2. Keep hands clean. Ask everyone cleans their hands before touching you.

3. Antibiotics. Ask if they will test effectiveness of antibiotic if prescribed.

4. Know the signs of infection. Some skin infections, such as MRSA, appear as redness, pain or drainage at an IV catheter site or surgery site.

5. Watch out for  c. diff.
If you have 3 or more diarrhea episodes in 24 hours, tell your physician, especially if you are on an antibiotic.

6. Protect yourself. Get vaccinated against flu and other infections to avoid complications.

For more detail on each of these six tips, please see this page from the CDC.

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