Krysia Syska: NH's Advocate for Safer Medical Care for Women and Children

Medical malpractice attorney Krysia Syska was featured recently in Boston Magazine's Super Lawyers issue in which she was named among the Top 50 Women Massachusetts Super Lawyers. Syska represents clients throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Many of Syska's clients are parents of birth injured children or women dealing with cancer misdiagnosis. Syska's mission is to ensure that her clients go on to lead the best lives possible. "Our work changes lives," she said, "I can't think of anything more rewarding." (Read the complete article at: Top 50 Women....)

Below are some of her most recently published settlements:
  • Newborn suffers brain damage in extended delivery
    ($4.65 million settlement)
  • Cancer, now terminal, spread unchecked for two years
    ($3.9 million settlement)
  • Doctors fail to act on fetal distress; brain damage results
    ($3.8 million settlement)
  • Patient’s cancer diagnosis detrimentally delayed
    ($3.5 million settlement)
  • Man with chronic Hepatitis B develops fatal liver cancer
    ($3.5 million settlement)
  • Nurses fail to act on worrisome fetal readings; brain damage results
    ($3.2 million settlement)
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